Here’s What You Need to Do to Win Your Day 😍 by Arya

Arya Badia

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Since I started my self development journey the aha moments are endless, mainly because well, I have to face myself in the mirror with raw honesty and I won’t say I have it all figured out. What I do know though is WHAT I want to achieve and the STEPS I can take to get there. I know too that a GOAL broken into steps is achievable as long as I do the work and I am FOCUSED. No matter how big it is or how far it may seem to be!

Read on and enjoy! 🥰

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These 5 things have completely shifted the way I used to look at things and they might help you as well. While we grow up we can’t choose our influences 100% but once we are adults is all up to us to decide WHO WE WANT TO BE! 

So, the 5 Things That I Have Learned And You Should Start Doing Right Now In Order To Be Successful are: 

1. Stop hating successful people - if you are too focused on what others have or do and what you think you don’t, you miss out on the opportunity to understand your own skills and limitless capabilities. 

2. Embrace the unknown - if you never try you will never know. I’ve learned to use pain as a calling for growth and change. Challenges are there to test our desire to succeed in whatever thing we aim for, and playing comfortably small is a safe route to average results. If everything goes smooth it’s time to be alert, comfort is an illusion! 

3. Set boundaries - saying NO with or without guilt until you learn that your self worth is much more valuable than anybody’s company or love or acceptance or whatever emotional thing that person or situation gave you. You don't have to justify your needs to anyone, take care of yourself and protect your energy. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING ON YOUR OWN! Once you learn that, you will attract the right people. 

4. Focus on what really matters - stop sweating the small stuff, if something is broken fix it, if you can’t fix it move on. Time is precious and nothing is more important than getting things done effectively. Find solutions, don’t swim in the problems. What you FOCUS on grows! 

5. Unconscious influence - whether you like it or not everyone influences us, what we see they do and also what we think they do or don’t do, our minds are sponges even if we don’t want them to, so it’s really important to have a daily exercise of awareness and listen to uplifting content. Consciousness is daily inner WORK

What are YOUR BEST tips to improve your life? Leave your comments below, I’d love to read yours. 





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  • Great article. This is a topic I know I need to learn more about and start building into my work flow and you really helped me understand some good ways to get started. Thank you.

    Alexandra Cook

  • You are so right with these. Certainly stop hating successful people, nobody knows how much hard work is put in.

    mandi morrison

  • These are some great things to think about to become successful. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    Shannon Gurnee - Redhead Mom

  • I love how you have stated not to hate successful people as a lot of unsuccessful people do that and that is not right at all

    Yeah Lifestyle

  • I enjoed reading this piece. Focus is very important. I agree if we keep our eyes on the prize anything is possible!


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