A Letter from The God of Your Heart 🤯

Arya Badia

This month’s topic in the blog, the newsletter and my LinkedIn articles are authenticity and vulnerability. Why? Because the journey I am in right now is taking me down this road and I am embracing it.

I had a conversation yesterday with an influencer and while we were talking about how to build communities and how to connect with other women we touched the topic of being yourself and getting out of your way and out of the way of that message that you might feel discomfort in sharing. Because others will resonate and benefit from your openness and in the end, this is what is all about.

To be honest with you, I set a goal, drew a vision, held it tightly in my mind and received the steps to follow so I know for certain that I am on the right track. But, here’s a little but, every day the learning process asks me to give more and show more and be more and try more and test more and all I can do, because I chose to is say YES YES YES.

Why? Because the other option is stagnation, equals death, equals hell.

Writing comes easily to me, it's natural for me to sit down and type, I know that something will come from it, when I’m writing I don’t tend to read what I am writing until I am done and then I am amazed of what comes from my mind.

J.K. Rowling said we need more imagination and I agree. What would be of the world without stories, without books, without fantasy, without visionaries having guts to make their visions into material reality? We wouldn’t have trains, cars, sky-scrappers, planes, ATMs or even smartphones. We wouldn’t have Hollywood, games, comic books, the world we have today without the limitless power of imagination.



And here comes the lesson. Being authentic and vulnerable requires a type of courage that can only be strengthened through action and devotion. To be where I am today, to be able to sit and simply write with this quiet sensation in my belly that at some point I will be able to connect the dots, to be here as I am now, it has been a long ride, a freaking bumpy long road filled with rocks, battles and hassles. And I wouldn’t change a second of it. Not at all. Nor would I go back to it.

What I want to say is go for it, say what you have inside, express your truest self, be all of you, all of it, the quirky, the wild, the angry, the bitter, the soft, the kind, the sexy and the messy, be all of it.


Those who are meant to be with you in the journey will find their way to you and those who are meant to leave will fall apart.

I speak from my own experience. There are people in my life with whom I can be the silly me, the actress in me comes to the surface, I play and I am joyful, I make stupid faces and behave like a child and it doesn’t downplay the fact that I am a powerful woman building an empire. I am free to be all of me.

And then there are others whom as much as I would like to be with them it is not possible because I would have to wear a mask and that’s not what we are here for, to shrink ourselves so others don’t feel uncomfortable. So I just walk away and understand that its all good, its all learning and its all in place because I live in my world and that’s absolutely fine.


“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.”― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


My imagination is wild and I know yours is too. You might have relegated it to those endless days by the beach, when you allow yourself to daydream with better things, with a better world, with something better coming your way and the truth is that those visions are yours to take, all of them. Every single one of them, those desires are yours to hold in your hand.



That’s why I made a promise to myself, a commitment, not to look for spiritual answers anymore, not to search, not to ask, other than to my Higher Self, to sit down and believe that I will figure it, to trust that I know already the way instead of mix and match the advice from this and that master or teacher.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t preach nor I teach don’t look for answers. Every journey has its seasons and its reasons. What I am sharing is the adventure of trusting yourself more.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it happens that you find a book and it’s exactly about a topic you were thinking about, and while reading it you resonate with some words and smile, with your eyes wide open in a massive aha moment? Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Is not that the book is telling you something new, is that you, yes, you, are remembering what you already know.

This idea that all the information is already here, that everything invented and to invent is already here, now, that all the ideas and all the knowledge are already here, now, is mind-blowing.

I’m not a physicist, I am not a scientist, so all I can share is what I am learning from others. I believe in quantum physics and not just because it is convenient and makes sense for my growth and evolution because I am experiencing it.

The theory that to achieve something you first must be it. Proven to be true. Acting as if in my mind has allowed me to see the reality I want to experience and then actually experiencing it.



So when I read a book and it resonates I know that I already knew that and this takes me to the point I was talking about previously, what if, call me crazy, what if we already know it, we just have forgotten that we do and we look for answers playing as if we are lost and powerless when the thing we are looking for would come to us by sitting in stillness and trusting our heart and intuition, silencing the voices outside, the pressure about what we should do and who we should be, embracing whatever comes from us and expressing it to the world without limitations?

Who am I trying to please here? The God in my soul or the God of the opinions of others which might be, and usually are, clouded by their limitations and their misconceptions, no offense intended, of reality?

I had a vision a couple of days ago while I was doing my morning exercise, I saw an image of a painting I grew up with. The painting represents the legend of a kid, called Krisna, who lifted a hill with his pinky finger to protect the cows and the cowherds from the anger of the god of rain. Long story short, I saw that image in my head and a sudden thought popped: the crowd worshiping someone outside of themselves without realizing that the same godlike power resides in them.


I just blew a whole lifetime of believing ideas planted by others. It was like a rumble of thunder striking in my whole core.

Why did I believe that there is a God outside of me with the power to either bless me or punish me instead of taking ownership of my powers and understanding that my thoughts create my reality?



When you have lived your whole life asking others for opinion and thinking that “they” know better it takes some time and practice to embrace the Truth that comes from within and not from what someone else says it should be.

And that is the journey I wish all of us to take, one where we own our story and take the reins, being the unique beings we are here to be, something that no robot, no AI, no replicant and no other human being can be but you.

You and your perception of reality are the real gifts to the world. I truly hope that you get inspired and find a way to share it with the world.

And this I take it personally as if the Universe/My Higher Self just wrote a letter for you and for me through these fingers.

In awe.




You can connect with me via arya@verifiedfearless.com or Facebook. I'm not this serious all the time! 


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  • Life is a journey of self discovery and learning to love ourselves and things become clearer with time, the important thing is that you are embracing that journey.
    XO, MJ


  • This is so inspiring and motivational message. You write this with love and fashion. I feel it when I am reading this. We are always be grateful and thankful in Our GOD.

    Clare Minall

  • Always inspiring to read your features! This is another encouraging post and definitely thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.


  • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s not always easy for us to accept who we are and I think that’s what hinders us from showing the world what we can do.

    Terr Steffest

  • You do need to be able to step outside yourself and risk in order to be successful. As a writer as well you have to risk vulnerability if you want to really connect with your audience. If you don’t have it, it won’t happen.

    David Elliott

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