How to Enter Flow and Connect with Your Higher Self 🤔By Arya

Arya Badia

Questioning is one of the best skills I discovered that guide the game of life. I question myself, my thoughts, the books I read, what people do, what happens around me, the information that arrives to me, the messages in the billboards, every single thing in this world is meant to be questioned. Yet, there’s one truth that’s undeniable, when the dreams meant for us find us, there’s no turning back.

Some call it awakening, others destiny, I call it life moving through me. We are all playing in an infinite field of consciousness, each of us with their own uniqueness playing a role of immense possibilities.

It’s Sunday evening, the day I scheduled to have my reset off time, time that I spent in the gym, in the park reading, at home meditating, and now writing. Where this typing will take me I don’t know and I’m going to experiment with surrender. Just finished reading The Surrender Experiment and oh my! The pearls drop in every chapter. 

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, tells the extraordinary story of what happened when, after a deep spiritual awakening, he decided to let go of his personal preferences and simply let life call the shots. As Singer takes you on this great experiment and journey into life's perfection, the events that transpire will both challenge your deepest assumptions about life and inspire you to look at your own life in a radically different way.

(Editing this on August 19th at 20:30 before publishing tomorrow Tuesday and what are the odds of playing a video randomly of Super Soul Sunday and it turns out to be Michael Singer speaking on How to free yourself from negative thoughts? I'm laughing my ass off literally. Enjoy the gifts of the resources attached to this post. Blessed to be alive!)

The main take I got from it is: give your all to everything you are working on because every work that comes to you, every mission, idea, it’s a direct request from the Universe.

And going back to consciousness, we are the game itself. We have created the game, this is the joke and the miracle, both the paradox and the magic, the secret and the truth. We are receivers, every one of us has a set of skills, dreams, desires and visions, ideas that come to us and dreams that call to us, and it’s our duty, in my case, it’s my duty to fulfil the one that came to me to the best of my ability. 

Learning the lessons, applying the lessons, clearing the path, surrendering when things don’t go how I expected them to, accept that there’s always something to learn and something better and bigger around the corner if I am willing to jump into the unknown.

Writing this blog for example, I have been refusing to write on it because I thought, my logical mind thought and convinced me that my words weren’t what you wanted to read, that I have to find something that resonates with the audience, that I rant, that I get lost in the words...what can I say? I love reading so much that everything just flows! And yet, here I am, silencing that voice, fuck what it says, that’s not my heart and this is a medium to share. If I have this voice you have it too and me breaking through might be exactly what someone out there needs to experience in order to free himself or herself of the rope, of the slavery to the patterns.

If you think your thoughts create your reality, if you are in any way absolutely convinced that thoughts become things, then it’s important to learn to detach yourself from the thoughts, become the observer and learn to create your reality from a better, healed place.

How am I going to do what I set myself to do? Better, how am I going to fulfil the mission, the adventure I signed up for the moment I published the World Domination Plan? It’s not me, it’s you. I will simply keep the wheels turning and working on my part of the play, I’m excited to see what is beyond my imagination.

Like Michael Beckwith says, we have a soul development unfolding journey. 

Even now when I’m writing the voice tries to shut it down, who am I to be talking about all this processes with such pomposity? It’s the spiritual journey, many more are walking it, the whole planet is spiritual. There’s no difference between the things around me, things that have been created by those before me who had the guts and vision to bring them to life.

And it hits, it hits me that it’s already happening, I have it in my hands, its just unfolding and the only thing in between is what I think it should be and how it should look like.

Let me share with you a funny story about the book: usually when I’m cooking I listen to a podcast episode and then save the books mentioned to read after, I had this huge list in my phone and since buying all of them at once wasn’t an option I thought about going to the library in the small town where I live and ask for them. Something told me: nah, they don’t have them! Save yourself the time and hassle! You will get them when you can buy them.

After a few days I had the chance to go to the library, now that I look back, life pushed me to go. I had been working in a cafeteria that has the tables in the middle of a shopping mall and the wifi is free, they didn’t say anything and I was in a corner so I assumed I didn’t bother, until a morning, it was early, about 8am on a weekend and the mall doesn’t open until 11 so does the cafeteria. Suddenly I have one of the security guards in front of me, I work with headphones on, playing affirmations or theta music so I look at him and I think: what the fuck is he doing? The guy keeps starring at me, a meter and a half away from my table and then starts waving his hand.

When I ask him what’s going on? He tells me I can’t be using the electricity and its too early to be siting at that table. I tell him that I’m working on something, that I harm no one and he threatens to call the police. Something inside me, the rebel, wants to fight, the other part of me, trained through meditation accepts what’s happening as sign of something and a tiny voice tells me to observe how the situation unfolds.

“You have to feel empowered for your success to show up, you have to feel abundant for your wealth to find you. You have to feel gratitude to create the life that you want.” Joe Dispenza

This was 2 weeks ago and I didn’t know what the surrender experiment was all about but I somehow knew that what I was holding onto was far less than what was on the other side if I allowed it. So I speak to the waitress, she confirms that it's too early, that since I have been doing it repetitively security had to do something about it. So I took my laptop and move to a cafeteria where the coffee is ok and there’s a nice space to work.

Again a few days later, I am talking to one of the waiters, when suddenly out of nowhere he asks me: are you going to stay with us? And I ask: What? What do you mean? He replies: Nothing, just asking if you are staying with us.

This time I’m listening differently, I take it as a sign, and I ask myself: What could be better that this?

Its pretty obvious that life is moving me and the more I resist the harder it will get, people that show up in my peripheral vision and do weird things that annoy me, plugs that don’t work or a sense of knowing that I have to go somewhere else to do something else. And there I am, heading to the library, the last option I could think of where I can work long hours and not be annoyed. I head to the guy behind the desk and ask him if they have The 5AM Club, he says they don’t but he can ask for it and it will just cost me 0.75p I agree and then I say: I have all this huge long list with a lot of weird self development books that I’d love to read and it would be amazing if you had them or could order them, I think people would really benefit from them being available. To my surprise he asks me to tell him title by title, some of them were booked, others were in another library and I could order them, and some he noted them and said he would send a request in order to have them in their catalogue.

"You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle." Paulo Coelho


This might sound silly, it’s completely normal to just ask for what we want right? Wrong! I wasn’t aware of how much that voice plays in the day to day moves I make in the world and the more aware I am of the flow of my heart, the more I allow the heart to guide, the vision, the dream, not the logical mind, to guide, the more interesting, fun, adventurous, scary, risky and sometimes even cloudy, life gets. And I wouldn’t change it for anything, I think there’s no turning back after you wake up to who you are and I don’t want to go back either. This is what it's called trusting your intuition no matter what. Working on it! 

Do I look back and see the dots connecting? Some of them.

Do I see the future unfolding? I am creating it.

I am a fortune teller, I know that every step I take today is getting me closer to the vision, every wound I heal, every part I accept, every person I meet, every sign it’s right there, right in front of my face if I want to see.

If I don’t fight and I don’t struggle against what its happening and I embrace the internal growth then it all changes.

This is why the downtime its so important, the moments to unplug, the phone switched off, headphones on, blinkers on, open to synchronicities and meditating every single day.

It wasn’t always this way and this is why I share it, we all have a moment in life that shifts our reality. In my case, a nephew that got really sick and left his body when he was barely 2 years old, after that it was an ex boyfriend and then it stroke me…death is a reality I couldn’t fight (yet)...I have a life to live. And so do you, how long are we going to put it off until tomorrow?

I’ll write that post tomorrow, I will dance tomorrow, I will figure it out tomorrow, I will be happy when, I will be successful if, I will be free then, I will…that’s a future we have to live now to live then.

“To be happy with yourself in the present moment while maintaining a dream of your future is a grand recipe for manifestation.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

And then yes, expecting the unexpected does actually bring in our lives the magic we all are longing for.

This my gift for you and apparently this is why I had to sit down today and get this blog out of my chest. Play this video and continue exploring! This is your playground! 

How Joe Dispenza Says You Can Predict Your Future - Top 10 Rules





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