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I know, controversial right?

I should simply keep quiet and not open the Pandora box but I am not that woman, not the one to shut up and shut down, the one to be quiet. 

Read on and then comment, don't just spit out whatever comes out from your mind. Open your eyes to the possibility!

This is for the believers in greatness, I am not trying to convert anyone. If it makes you angry, GOOD! If it resonates, AMAZING! If you don't give AF, read again ;) 


Why do I even bother?

Because someone has to say it.

Because it's personal. I come from thinking that I was born destined to be heavy, with heavy legs and heavy body until I got into training and had the blessing of receiving an email from someone I admire and tell me that my actual body shape is completely opposite to what I had in my head. 

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them
was superior to circumstance.

-Bruce Barton

As much as all this inclusivity sells magazines, makes for great headlines, and gives the illusion that we are moving forward, actually is taking us backwards, making us, humans, born with the potential to achieve greatness, each and one of us, prey of laziness, lack of self-control, indulgence, and all the petty emotions that gets us in trouble in the first place. 

It's not fine to celebrate being fat, it's dangerous. It's time to wake up from the Matrix! 

"According to the NHS, we’re in the grip of an obesity epidemic, which has led to increased pressure on the struggling health service. The latest figures reveal that weight-related hospital admissions have risen by 18% in the past year, with more than a quarter (26%) of British adults now classified as obese. Another recent study, which measured the metabolic health of more than 17,000 respondents, showed that overweight people who exercise regularly and consider themselves “fat but fit” still had a 28% increased risk of heart disease, compared to their slimmer counterparts. As well as being linked to diabetes, obesity can also be responsible for osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, high blood pressure, and other conditions. While being thin won’t automatically grant you a clean bill of health or a long, smug life of squeaky clean arteries, there’s no denying that health risks are higher for obese people.


"We're all moving at such a high rate that we have to grab the frozen dinners and the McDonald's. We can't make it a way of life - we have to get back to real, simple, clean good foods. It will save our lives on so many levels; not just spina bifida, but obesity, diabetes, everything. Food is our medicine."

Nicole Ari Parker


I have stretch marks, I see them as the scars of someone who was clueless and completely ignorant. And yet, my body is healing, I am learning and becoming who I really am. Now!

It's not about weight anymore for me and it shouldn't be for anyone. It's about taking control of our destiny, taking control of our emotions, taking control of our instincts, because we have something called will power. It's about evolution, it's about being true to our nature, whether you believe in God or another Higher Power, or even if you don't, you have the obligation, I do, we do, to be our best and that means BEING FUCKING HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

It's about FREEDOM! 

We are here. We are important. We aren't just flesh and bones. We are part of a bigger picture and this illusion of acceptance is absolutely outrageous. 


It's going to be hard as fuck? 

It's hard to start, messy in the middle and easy at the end. 

Where do I start if I don't feel good enough to even start? 

Tattoo this in your brain:


1. Your worth is not attached to your body and yet, you know that the truth is that you feel amazing when you see the changes in your appearance, your humour, and your overall wellbeing. Your body is a projection of your mental world. Project higher! 

2. The change has to start in your mind first, you get the results that you feel you deserve and that takes inner work, yes, figure your shit out and let it go! You are made up of beliefs and beliefs can be changed anytime because they aren't the truth. 

3. DO IT FOR YOU! Set a goal and do it for the pleasure of looking at your reflection with awe in the mirror. 

4. You decide the kind of life that you want, if you feel that you are unhappy with how your body looks you don't have to settle, you can actually shape it as you please. Accept where you are to be able to move towards where you want to be. 

5. Give yourself permission to be happy! Don't drown your emotions and real desires in a bucket of ice cream. It's not worth it! Learn about what you are eating and how to eat. 



6. There's a future version of you waiting for you to embrace her, NOW! 

7. You deserve to feel energetic, vibrating higher, moving faster, sleeping better, living a life full of experiences and wonderful energies around you. 

8. This isn't body shaming, this is a wake-up call and a self-reminder to continue pursuing greatness embracing the TRUTH of who I am and so are you. This is about health. 

9. Don't think about it, do it! Find your way to move and MOVE! 

10. Repeat the previous points until they become part of your beliefs. 


When I created Verified Fearless one of the pillars was and it will always be fitness, movement, being healthy, being honest, putting in the work and the effort. 


I don't care where you are, there are thousands of examples that prove your excuses WRONG and millions of examples that prove your excuses lame. Just try it! People without legs, with more handicaps than you, with fewer resources, with more challenges and bigger struggles, HAVE DONE IT BEFORE YOU! 

Where do I start if I feel overwhelmed with all the fads, diets and plans? 


Take one step, turn off the inner critic, tell a friend, find a gym, find a personal trainer, watch a video, read a book, do it now! 


Listen, I am being honest here, it's not easy, I am still learning, every day is a non-negotiable fight with the weak bitch in me and still, I wouldn't go back to not knowing. 

The Final Word

This is your red pill, blue pill moment. You can turn back and close your eyes to the reality you have been living or you can continue digging and be excited to discover what you are really capable of. Here is where the fun starts, believe it or not!

If you want more information, connections, nutrition tips, workout plans, mindset hacks, tricks to elevate your thoughts, self-love and self-care tools, join the community.

This month of August we are discussing fitness and movement and it's juicy and spicy! As we love it ;) Because the truth is, nobody is self-made on their own, we all need that helping hand and Hey! That's absolutely ok!

Have the balls to live a life worth living!




You can (and should) connect with me on Instagram @miss.firestar and get your daily dose of truth bombs & laughs. I'm not this serious all the time! 



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  • I really like this post. I used to struggle with self confidence. I had to work on myself and I am glad I did.

    Sue-Tanya Mchorgh

  • I think it definitely has a lot to do with mentally deciding you’ll do it. This is some good information. Thank you.

    Shannon Gurnee

  • This is so lovely, confidence is the key. If we don’t love our self we can never have a great self-image.

    alexnadra cook

  • Such an inspiring post and important conversation to have. It’s so difficult especially this day in age to have and keep self-confidence. Thank you for sharing this post!


  • This is so motivational and inspiring, I need to take that first step and keep moving

    Monica Y

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