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Hey Fearless,

I had this inspiration and I hope you like it, of sharing my supplements routine.

Being fit and healthy starts in the inside, I believe. 

For years I didn't pay attention to my sleeping patterns or how much water was I drinking, was clueless about macro nutrients, needless to say I had no idea about micro nutrients. Fitness is a lifestyle and as such, it's a lifetime learning process. 

These are just few of the supplements I use daily and give me the best results. 


It all starts with the mindset, the commitment to be at your best, then you make sure your daily habits match the vision you have for your life and little by little you embody that person you dreamed to become by being. 

Note: These are simply my choices, it doesn't mean they are the only choice, I am also learning so they might evolve and grow with me + I get no commission whatsoever from sharing them, it's simply another resource I felt inspired to share with you. 

1. Sleeping as much as possible, if I can't get 8h a day I make sure I get 1h nap after the gym otherwise I have learned the hard way that I push until Friday and then I fall back into breaking my meal prep, feeling completely exhausted and there's no sense in risking burnout. Plus, I love coffee and yet, it's not the best way to stay fuelled. 

2. Scheduling time to meditate, time to journal and time to be creative before the day starts. The gym, dancing are also scheduled in the morning and in the afternoon I make time for reading and singing. 

3. Drinking water daily, I carry a bottle with me and that's all I drink, no fizzy fancy stuff, plain clear water. 

4. I track my calories because I have goals to achieve and it also helps me learn what and how I eat. 

5. My supplements are the foundation, multivitamin, iron, calcium, zinc, fish oils, vitamin E & D, and then these: 

Collagen, has turned out to be life changing for my hair, nails, skin and gut. Literally, I feel like I've had a gorgeous facial since I introduced it in my diet a couple months ago. 



Protein powder, I have tried loads of them, vegan, whey, you name it, and this is so far the best because it's thick so I feel like I've had an extra lunch, when others are too watery. The price and size is great too, right now using the strawberry flavour and chocolate is delicious too. 



Creatine, this one took me a while to introduce it mainly because I had the idea that it retains water. In any case, it helps with my strength, I lift heavy weights so I need all the nutrition tricks I can get to be at my best. Do your research and decide for yourself!

According to HealthlineCreatine is an amino acid that can improve short-term memory and reasoning skills. It’s most effective in vegetarians and people who are stressed. Doses of 5 grams per day have been shown to be safe in the long term.



Face Scrub, I just love activated charcoal, for my teeth it keeps them lovely even though I drink coffee and for my face it works like a miracle keeping the skin at its best. 

Vitamin E Pure Oil, this, this is so simple and yet works like magic! My morning routine is washing my face with fresh cold water, exfoliate and then massage with this oil. First the water is like a splash of life and then the massage, I tell you, pampering yourself right after waking up is the best gift you can give yourself! 


Body Lotion, stretch marks aren't going to be healed 100% with a cream after so many ups and downs and yet, this has been the best cream so far. Good nutrition, good hydration, good sleep, working out and sweating the toxins out + a good body lotion are my go-to for a great skin. 


Again, these are simply my personal selection so far, and I shared them because it's a whole package: mind, body & spirit to be the greatest version of ourselves. 

Hope you like them! 




You can (and should) connect with me on Instagram @miss.firestar and get your daily dose of truth bombs & laughs. I'm not this serious all the time! 



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