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Imagine being born in France and having an interview at 20 with a group of feminists to get admitted to an art school and leaving them open-mouthed with your categoric statements, strong thoughts on female art and beliefs.  

Imagine baking cookies in the shape of women’s bodies and making people eat them!

Imagine that you see the world through the lenses of the spectrum of color, patterns, light, and geometry. 

Now imagine living with this headspace in the colorful city of Tel Aviv where in the same neighborhood coexist hookers, artists and locals.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of who Jessica Moritz is. 

I had the pleasure of having a call with her. She opens the conversation with as what she defined as (and I have to agree) “a very sexy French accent” and fires up the call with topics such as community building, being a French woman in Israel, money conversations and female-driven art.

When experiencing her art (even through the website, which has been the only medium I've had so far) you feel submersed in a world where she is able to catch a moment and turn it into a shape, an installation; to put some punctuation and rythm into a space; establish new connections and erase borders and misconceptions about figures, colors and relations.

One of my favorite installations it's the Live Spectrum (pictured above), a projection of her desire to invert the process of celebrating death through the use of color and light.

As for many, formal education was easy and boring for her, she got good grades and no real engagement or interest in the regular classes. She would draw and sketch endlessly, convinced her parents that she would pursue a career in art and in 2006 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNAP).

She moved to Tel Aviv 2 years ago after a residency in New York to pursue her obsession for creating artwork and interactions with the 3 major elements (color, people, space).

At the center of the community she is building: Kiryat Hamelacha, it's a map where you can allocate the artists that join the project. The main goal of this project is to create opportunities, exposure, and fair work for my community. She aims to be an example of ethical behavior for the younger generations. 

The members join the initiative because they believe in a place where artists, designers, small business, and musicians can work together and build new relations with people. For a small contribution artists can publish their work, connect with buyers, organize open studios and have those important conversations around money and value, the topic of conversation some of them, as she stated, are too embarrassed to embrace. 

Whether it is because they are not selling enough, or nothing at all, some of the artists she is connecting with, are learning as well new ways of doing to make their ends meet. 

The color spectrum is now part of universal knowledge and even used in pop culture. Whether she chooses to use figuration or abstraction, the point is not about representation but how you can relate to what you see. For those who might not be versed in the topic, the spectrum is the range of different colors which is produced when light passes through a glass, a prism, or through a drop of water. A rainbow, for example, shows the colors in the spectrum.  

Her vision is to be able to generate her own theory of colors. Her creative process starts always with the palette that will be used in the work. She also loves playing with daylight and how you perceive the light in the shapes and colors applied. 

Tel Aviv it’s, as she said, a young city (less than 71 years) that needed to be placed in the map of the art society. A city where artists and locals are co-living in a space that it's gradually opening to the novelty and extravaganza of creatives.

 Despite her Hebrew not being perfect, she has inspired others to help her and speak on behalf of the association with the City Hall, has worked to improve the laws that stated that you couldn’t sell art in your studio only through galleries, leading an organization that’s growing stronger day by day. At the moment they are looking for sponsors to ensure the project is sustainable long term.


Key takeaways:

- Having conversations around money early on and deciding the value of the artwork might be tricky, who decides the worth? What matters most, size, time invested or complexity? Every artist has to figure out a way that works best for them and having a support group is game-changing.

- When something doesn’t exist, create it!

- Community is everything.

- Knocking doors opens opportunities, the hustle is the struggle and yet she wouldn’t change it for anything because she is passionate about what she is doing and now she is thinking about her legacy.


You can connect with Jessica (and by all means, should) via:

About Jessica | Instagram 


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