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Lauren White is a Level 3 fitness & personal trainer and motivational speaker from London 

She got sober around 18 and dealt with mental health and addiction. Since then she has been working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and The Prince’s Trust to go into schools and share her story.

What makes her fearless it's in her words: “Believing in myself and waking up knowing I am doing what I want to do. Not what others want me to do.”

Her mindset of never giving up, to keep going no matter the bad days and as she said: life is a lifetime and you have the strength to believe in yourself to start the day again! is just one of the things what makes her so inspiring and I can’t wait for you to know more about her!

Read on and enjoy! 🥰


How do you handle your mental excuses if you have them? 

I handle my mental excuses by learning to love myself for who I am. I accept myself for the good and the bad. Knowing I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes but don’t beat myself up about it.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? 

I overcame addiction when I was younger from drinking, drugs, and bulimia. I then went on to suffer anxiety and depression. Both times I went into rehab to get help.

The best lesson I have learned so far is that weakness binds us together not strength. I use to not talk about my feelings as I thought it was weak but its the opposite. My truth is what makes me unique and my feelings. Emotions are what make me human. 

My biggest achievement so far is moving to Hong Kong for two years without knowing anyone. Making a life for myself out there. Also coming back and being offered to do a masters in addiction psychology and counseling after dropping out of university due to my mental health. I also am proud of myself for speaking in front of big rooms of people and helping others. 

How do I reset my mind... I actually spend so much timing giving so much energy to others that I have to literally spend time by myself in my own room just being me. I have days off and times where I get into bed at 7 pm.

My b
iggest breakthrough so far is going through trauma in my life and not picking up a substance to change the way I feel. Dealing with my problems head on instead of running away.

My inspiration is Emma Watson. 

I asked her for a goal that she would like to achieve and share with all of us so that we can hold her accountable and she said: m
y goal in 2019 is to finish my masters and after that, I want to start a business around helping people 1-1 with mental and physical health.

My motto in life will always be. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself before anyone else. When you do that then you can love beyond everything.




You can connect with her via her Insta.

Hope you enjoyed the interview and found it valuable. 






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