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The blender's noise was a bit louder than the music and that morning the store had been quieter than usual, while I was prepping the nice cream she entered the room and I instantly felt her energy. We sat together and chit chatted about life and her plan of traveling solo after graduating. 

Alessia greets me with a huge smile and bright huge blue eyes, on Face Time two years later, I’m in London and she’s back home, in Gorizia, a town in northeastern Italy, located at the foot of the Julian Alps, bordering Slovenia. 

Meet Alessia Fantini: Mechanical engineer, Influencer, Blogger & YouTuber, BulkPowders athlete, fitness lover + yogi

Her passion for veganism, raw food, nutrition, zero waste, climate change, fitness and yoga are just few of her gifts. 

After going through a depression and suffering from anorexia she learned that she’s the only one capable of saving herself. She is the only one who can make the choice of healing herself and she did. 


“We must relinquish our passive observation of the world outside; we can open the door to the world we want. In understanding ourselves, we come to understand the world. In allowing ourselves to heal, we become the healers of the world. In praying for peace, we become bringers of peace. Thus we actualise the power within us to remedy the psychic wounds of humanity.” 

Marianne Williamson


She recommended me to read A return to Love by Marianne Williamson and I had goosebumps so I’m taking that as a sign to dive into those pages. You might as well want to check it out ;) 

Her routine is as beautiful as the quote shared above: she cooks her own food, meditates in the morning and writes in her gratitude journal 3 intentions for the day, she keeps it to 3 so it doesn’t turn into a grocery list and she ends up doing nothing. Before bed she writes 3 positive things that happened. 

She finds that working out 5 days a week before lunch to ensure her body is healthy is the best fit for her lifestyle. 

Being strong is her core, while traveling solo in Guatemala she had to drag herself to the drugstore while being super sick. Talk about having guts! 

For her travelling solo was more about self discovery, not ticking boxes, like she said: it’s not about being a tourist, it’s about the connections made in the journey and what you learn from them. 


“I remember being in Myanmar, mesmerised with the kindness and the fact that people where genuinely happy. I was so surprised that had to ask an old man if he could tell me the secret of what was going on. 

We live a very simple life. We don’t strive to have more of what we need, when we have the food for the day we close the store and spend time with our families. - replied the man.  

I learned that we overcomplicate things in the West, we have everything in the outside and we are drained in the inside. In Asia they believe in Buddhism hence their mindset.”


Traveling around the world: USA, Asia, Europe in one year, gave her time to stay more or less than a month in each place, connect with people in the area, join work-aways and learn from a lady who had a stall in a market how to prepare raw, fermented foods and many other delicatessen. 

Her face lights up when I asked her what would she do if she knew she would win to move humanity forward. 


“I’d like more people speaking their truth, we are so conditioned by societal norms, what’s different is qualified as wrong. I’d love people to be themselves without being afraid.” 


If she could change something would be increasing the awareness around realities such as climate change and waste, we need more people who are doing things instead of following what everybody else is doing. It would be awesome if we had alternatives to things that already exist that are more respectful with the planet. 

When asking her who does she look up to, after a second of thought she said: my mum, she can see the light in broken things. You know? Like the Japanese technique of repairing broken things with gold. 


The kintsugi technique suggests many things. We shouldn’t throw away broken objects. When an object breaks, it doesn’t mean that it is no more useful. Its breakages can become valuable. We should try to repair things because sometimes in doing so we obtain more valuable objects. This is the essence of resilience. Each of us should look for a way to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, learn from negative experiences, take the best from them and convince ourselves that exactly these experiences make each person unique, precious. 

For Alessia it means that her mother is kind to everybody without thinking if they deserve it or not. 

Something admirable, and like I said in laughter, a level of understanding I haven’t reached yet, I’m still a bitch, if you cross the line so to speak. 

Her FERRERO ROCHER with 4 ingredients – RAW VEGAN - this recipe will be sent to those of you who have subscribed on the 25th of August. 



Can’t wait to connect with her again when she visits London and I’m looking forward to seeing her journey continue to flourish, she’s up to big things! 

Thank you for keeping it real, Alessia!




You can (and should) connect with her. Feel free to DM her on Instagram @_thevegansideofthemoon, she loves to know that her journey is impacting others in the world and you will make her day!




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  • Great interview, very interesting way of looking at things

    Kara Guppy

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  • I’ve been following her even before and I was really inspired. hank you for sharing her story and it makes me more motivated after reading this.

    Alexandra Cook

  • Her goals to increase awareness are good ones. People know the buzz words but don’t realize the consequences their own actions can make (good and bad).


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