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One of the things that I love most about social media is the opportunity to get inspired, connect and reach out to people who are achieving incredible things. Literally, we have access to the eagles of the world in the palm of our hands. 

This interview is proof that when you go for what you want and take chances you can and will win.  

When thinking about who to invite to interview, at first I had the thought of: she’s way too famous, she will never see the message…and instead of letting that stop me I thought then: what do I have to loose? The worst case scenario is either being ignored, not being read or an apology saying that she is too busy. 

On the contrary, Angela is absolutely approachable, the same vibe you get from her posts, positive, inspiring and a force of nature to reckon. 

Her motto being: KEEP persisting because YOU WILL SUCCEED. 

What are the odds of rising above an ACL tear ON the Ninja Warrior show and using that as motivation for an even bigger COMEBACK, to transform that pain into a massive wave of positive energy and strength from the inside out? 

She has done it. 

"I was at my lowest point. I felt defeated, I felt hopeless, I wanted to give up...but then I sat back, stopped feeling sorry for myself and realised I could make a damn good comeback and have even MORE of an impact on people."

Tell her she can’t do something or that she’s not good enough and she’ll use that as fuel to prove you wrong, over and over again. 

Inspired by the likes of Jessie Graf, who she admires for "what she stands for and the fact that when she fell on stage a few years ago, she was upset BUT she wasn't defeated because she was SOO much stronger coming into it and she focused on what she got out of training." 

Quoting You are a badass by Jen Sincero (one of her favourite books) ….

There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fuck-yeah. That’s Angela. 

A true powerhouse. 

A celebrity fitness personality and founder of the method Warrior Strong, helping clients utilise their inner strength to tone and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. She graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the Rhode Island’s College and went to work at Brown University & Genzyme on creating compounds for rare genetic diseases and cancer. 

This month’s Women’s Health magazine Naked Strength edition star, opens up for the Verified Fearless community and shares her best tips to achieve the impossible and thrive in times of challenge. 


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- What’s your self talk during training and competition? -

My self talk during a competition is interesting. I make sure I take time to really be present that morning, taking a second to really appreciate all the hard-work and time I put into it and realise with that in ITSELF I have already won. That really takes a lot of pressure off. I visualise myself crushing the course and keep telling myself that I am enough and that I am capable. 


- What was the turning point when you realised that you were actually able to do anything you set your mind to? -

I honestly think when i got the cover of Women's Health I truly realised WOW. I had photoshopped myself on the cover of a magazine but honestly was never fully sure that it could happen. Once I got the call from Women's Health, I realised wow...this visualisation thing works and I can really do anything.


- What techniques do you use to pull yourself back? -

I honestly take time to myself, I like to shut off my phone and just find a nice quiet spot outside by the ocean and just be. It's so important to slow down and be present. 


- How do you keep track of your progress? -

I create a vision board, and write my goals down in this book I have, every time I accomplish something I go back and write in what I have accomplished. It's really cool to see what you can do if you have a clear vision. 


- How do you stick to the plan? -

I read my goals EVERYDAY, I have them on my computer background, in the book from above, on my phone. I make sure each day its SUPER clear what I am trying to work towards. 

- What’s the deep reason why you do what you do, not helping others, the reason behind you being so passionate about sports? -

I think the deep reason is it makes me feel ALIVE, just being able to move my body, fly through the air, and feeling almost like a super hero, it just gets me. 


- Dealing with fame - the good, the great and the ugly. -

Funny because I don't feel like I'm famous. But I think the biggest thing about being in the public eye is the criticism and worrying that you may "let people down" which is crazy but it's true. You always want to be on your game because people look up to you, so when you have a bad kinda get nerve racking. Also there's a ton of criticism out there, I've learned to just stay in my own lane and not let any of the bad stuff affect me and to focus on how much my story has helped others. 


- What was the weirdest moment of your career? -

Weirdest moment is def my fitness competition years ago where my pants fell halfway down and I had to perform with basically my butt crack hanging out and it was all on national television. Talk about embarrassing! 


Thank you for keeping it real, Angela! 




You can connect with Angela (and by all means, should) via Instagram & her website



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