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Aligning with your Higher Self, spirituality, leadership, vulnerability, dealing with setbacks and challenges, keto vegan diet, his daily success routines, healing powers, building a community with more than 1 million followers, out of body experiences; inspired by the likes of Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla; Mike Sygula is a force to reckon and in this interview he digs deep into his soul and shares with an open heart a brilliant mind. 

Quoting one of his favourite books and a book I mentioned also in my post How to Enter Flow and Connect with Your Higher Self, The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer: 

“No matter who we are, life is going to put us through the changes we need to go through. The question is: Are we willing to use this force for our transformation? Even very intense situations don’t have to leave psychological scars, if we are willing to process our changes at a deeper level.”

Mike Sygula is a blogger, entrepreneur, activist, and thinker, promoting alternative ideas to raise public consciousness of the important issues facing humankind. He is the founder of, a digital media brand established in 2010. Truth Theory’s mission is to help facilitate the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution-based and thought-provoking ideas.

Over the last 9 years, more than 100 million people have been exposed to the content created by Truth Theory.

Mike has been on a journey of self-discovery the last 15 years. Studying various fields of knowledge, including personal development, psychology, spirituality, mysticism, philosophy, as well as business and marketing, technology and design.



I connected with Mike a couple of years ago. His growth and influence have been an inspiration. And like so many things in this world, through synchronicity I got to invite him to share his story. The same week that I was reading The Surrender Experiment he shared a screenshot of the audio version of the book and of course, it was due we had this conversation.

Hoping that you find it valuable! If you only get one bullet point that changes or transforms your life in any way, we have done our job well. 

Read on and enjoy! 😍Scroll all the way through because there is a FREE goodie for you between the lines 😉


- What beliefs, if any, did you have to change to be the leader you are today? 

There are definitely some areas that I had to improve significantly to become who I am today. Generally, I was quite an introverted person, who would work best on their own. I would avoid confrontations and try to be always as kind as I could and give people chances over and over. I wasn’t good at all at managing people, I would always prefer to do things myself. Unfortunately, if you want to run a business and manage a team, have partnerships and perform in all other areas that are necessary you need to learn all these things. The process was just to throw me into these situations and learn on the go. After you face all these uncomfortable situations over and over, they start becoming much easier to deal with overtime. I had to learn almost everything needed to build a brand or run a business. I was never a good public speaker and I had to learn that too. I would just go to Meetup groups for a few months to practice, and after some interviews and public appearances, it all got much easier. 

I was horrible at delegating tasks, I would always try to take everything on myself but this is not how you run a team. You need to delegate, teach people how to do things or push them to learn.

You would be surprised at how much people can learn. They will often think that the task is too hard or they can’t do it, but in most cases, they can. And, once they recognise this, they start believing in themselves more. 

- What have been the greatest lessons you have learned so far about your own self-awareness, leading the community and spiritually? 

There have been many, some of which have been very in-depth and I can’t go into here, because of the short format. One of the things that I’m exploring more and more these days, is how to align yourself with your Higher Self. I have already been working on it over the years but recently I started understanding it better and being more conscious about it. Lets just quickly explain what it means and how it works; 

Normally, we make our decisions based on what we have learned over our lifetime and our impulses that are regulated by our biology, things we know from “education,” our parents, society, etc. Decisions we make are based on this learned conditioning and preferences. We act from a rational mind. However, there is this other part of you that you can tap into, called your “Higher Self”, other names are; oversoul, superconscious mind, etc.

If you allow yourself to act from that part of yourself, your life can unfold in a much better way for you.

Your Higher Self can bring the best outcomes, that are the most aligned with your true path and your nature.

We often don’t allow it to unfold as we make our decisions from the conscious mind which is programmed as I mentioned earlier. There are some things to remember here. The more you meditate, the more you silence your conscious self and you leave space for that higher mind to guide you.

You also need to trust in what unfolds. Your life can become a chain of events and synchronicities once you work with your Higher Self and it can bring outcomes that you would never even believe existed. You need to be grounded and your intentions matter, if something unfolds and does not seem like an ethical choice, you should not follow it probably. Your Higher Self sees more than your conscious mind and can guide you through synchronicities. If you want to explore this concept more, I suggest starting with a book called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer.



How did you get into self-development and spirituality? 

In terms of my spiritual awakening, it was a gradual process that took years. Intuitively I knew there was more to life than what we are being told by our society. I would just research things but also try and test things out for myself. 

Each time I did it, I learned that in many of these so-called “myths” there is a lot of truth. For example, you might hear about chi kung masters talking about energy - chi, chakras, and similar concepts. I decided to join chi kung classes, I practiced for around 3 years and I started noticing all these things. I started feeling the energy between my palms. The more I trained the more sensitive I became. I started feeling my chakras, I would go to a forest and feel the energy of the trees, like going through some spider nets. I was able to heal different pains in my body with some of these techniques. 

There were many similar experiences I had when I practiced different healing methods, energy practices and meditations. It was just seeing for myself that there is truth in most of these stories. It wouldn’t come without any sacrifice. I remember reading about Out Of Body Experiences. I became fascinated with the stories people were describing. I would try for many weeks to get into this state by testing different methods that I learned about from the books. This was more than 10 years ago. One time I had something that seemed like an out of body experience. All the things that I learned about astral projection in the books were real, I could do the things they described. There would be many similar, so-called “mystical” experiences over the years. I think that if someone is willing to put in the effort, they can discover these things for themselves. Most people ignore some of these claims without investigating them thoroughly, that’s why they never reach those states. 

Personal development was just a natural thing for me.

When you have high ambitions and you start from the very bottom, you need to work on yourself.

There is no other way around it.

Over the years I would test different techniques, they would include mental and physical exercises, certain behaviours, and approaches to different situations or interactions with people. Some daily routines, micro hacks, etc. These methods would come from people I observed, from educational materials or I would figure out my own techniques. I made some basic list of some of the methods I use in my free ebook “Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living” that you can get here.



- What’s your reason why, your real true passion?

I think that my biggest passion is learning and understanding how things work. Combining science, spirituality, and philosophy. Trying to understand how reality operates on deeper levels. I hope that I will be able to explain it properly through my work, taking into account various spiritual and esoteric concepts and combining them with science. I think that science and spirituality are just two sides of the same coin, they are actually codependent.  

- As a man and a leader, have you found yourself in a position where you had to learn to be vulnerable or it was something easy for you? How did you do it?

I guess it varies depending on the circumstances and situations. Sometimes, I will open up if the situation requires it, other times it might be better to just keep things to yourself. The truth is that we are all going through tough times, and sometimes we struggle, get weak and can be vulnerable. Everyone has to encounter these states at some point. In some cases, when you open yourself up to your audience or team, they might respond in a compassionate way that can create new bonds. It really depends on individual circumstances. 

- A moment when you were tested by life and how did you make it through the test. 

Last year I was going through a very difficult period. My company was in trouble, we were losing money and things were getting worse and worse each month. It got to a level where my partner left the company, one of the people that are close to me tried committing suicide, and another person who was helping to finance us nearly had a nervous breakdown. I had to remain calm to go through the storm. I knew things like these dark periods never last so at some point things should get back to normal. I would just remind myself that this experience is here to teach me something, and I just focused on keeping myself balanced, calm and focused on solutions. Finally, things started getting better. The whole thing took at least 8 months to get through, and some repercussions are still visible today. 

The most important thing is to keep calm and to help me do this, I would just meditate to keep myself in balance. You obviously need to believe that you can find solutions to the problems and then keep on trying - basic and simple stuff, but very few people do this. 

- Who do you look up to and why? 

It is hard to find people who are at the top of their game, can inspire you, and at the same time are multidimensional. I don’t really have any role models but some people inspire me in specific areas. In business, for example, it is Elon Musk. He combines all the different areas that are very hard to combine. He kickstarted the electric car industry, something that most big companies failed to do, despite having incomparably greater resources. If this wouldn’t be already an enormous achievement, on top of that, he runs a second extremely difficult business, Space X. This company creates rockets and is commercialising space exploration. Something that before was reserved for governments or agencies like NASA.

His goals are insane, and it is hard to imagine how one person could disrupt these industries and create new ones that are so advanced. Just the fact that he wants to send people to Mars tells you the scope of his goals. He understands technology, engineering, product and also has a very good sense of design, which is a very rare combination in leaders. He is also a very good marketer, he literally has all the necessary skills that you rarely see all together in one person.



Finally, what I like about him is that he genuinely wants to save the planet. Electric cars are one of the ways that we can help the environment. One time when Tesla announced that they will open their patents, he was asked why he did it. Companies work hard to preserve and protect their technologies, right? He explained: "If we're all in a ship together and the ship has some holes in it, and we're sort of bailing water out of it, and we have a great design for a bucket, then even if we're bailing out way better than everyone else, we should probably still share the bucket design."

Another person that inspires me a lot is Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a great genius that brought us a lot of the technologies we use today. For some reason, he never received a lot of recognition like Edison or Einstein. Only recently, his name started appearing all over again. If you had to pick one person that had the most impact on our lives in terms of technological innovation, you would probably think of Tesla. Electrical power, which is used everywhere in modern society, uses the Alternate Current system that Tesla developed and popularised. He contributed to many technologies that we use today; like the smartphone, radios and x-rays; remote control and wireless technologies; and motors used in elevators and washing machines. These all exist thanks to Nikola Tesla. 



You can clearly see that Tesla was an altruist, his main goal was to help humanity and create inventions that could make our lives better. When his investor, Westinghouse, was facing financial difficulties, Tesla canceled the contract between them giving Tesla huge royalties. Providing access to these technologies for humanity was more important than money for him. 

- What’s your daily routine? 

My routines can change over time, also depending on the fact if I settle somewhere for longer or I’m more on the move. For the last few months, I wake up with no alarm clock around 8 or 9 am. I typically go first get a cold shower and drink some water and I sit down to meditate. I always do a minimum of 20min but lately, I do more than 1 hour in the morning.

I have been meditating for more than 10 years and I tried quite a lot of techniques. The technique that I find to be the most useful is the grounding meditation where you visualise a white light going through your body from the universe all the way to the ground. I often start with this guided meditation until the end of the video.

Afterward, I just quickly switch the music to something like this one and continue to meditate as long as needed. Sometimes, I just play some meditative music and do the white column, grounding meditation without any guidance. When you start out, the guided one might be better for you. 

After the morning meditation, I do some quick stretching, 3 to 5 min of some simple yoga poses. Sometimes during the day, I do some visualisations. I just imagine situations that I want to see myself in. Other times, I just visualise some things that I’m grateful for and just try to be in a state of gratitude for the things that are happening in my life. I also often dedicate some time to prayer, typically just asking for guidance and protection from my Higher Self.

One thing that helps to clear my mind and to get some inspiration, is just spending time in Nature. I go to a local park and meditate or just lay in the grass for a few minutes. I also educate myself constantly. For example, during the day I will go for a walk and listen to some audiobooks or podcasts. When I’m having a meal, I watch some videos. Sometimes I watch a documentary in the evening. I go to the gym a few times per week and do yoga at least once or twice per week. 

- Any specific diets or practices you’d like to recommend and why? 

The meditation technique I described earlier is one of the most important things I would recommend to anyone. There are many benefits; it helps you to calm and refresh your mind, it helps with general health, can be good for digestion issues or small pains, headaches, etc. It helps you to also control your emotions more, so you can observe situations instead of reacting to them. I think it also helps with creativity and clarity, and it can help with reducing stress. 

In terms of my diet, I became a vegetarian in 2012 and gradually moved into a more strict vegan diet. I have been eating some cheese here and there. I actually have been experimenting with a mostly vegan ketogenic diet. I see some benefits but also feel like I need to research it more as there can be side effects. On a ketogenic diet, you eat mostly fat, some protein and you try to eliminate carbs. I do 50/50 protein with fats and very little carbs. I noticed that I have more energy, especially at the gym. It helps with endurance as you burn fat that is slower to metabolise, but I noticed also strange feelings in my kidneys. I couldn’t find many people who would be on a vegan keto diet for long. I lately decided to have some periods where I do mostly vegan keto for a while and then I take a break for a few weeks and just do some plant-based diet. Generally, I avoid carbs like rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. 

- What motto do you live by? 

I don’t think about it in this way as living by some motto. I have some principles that I follow. For example, I believe in karma, therefore I try to be fair as much as I can and act ethically. I also believe that we are the creators of our reality so anything is possible and what happens to you is very often your creation or is a lesson that is trying to teach you something.

- Is there any book that has transformed your life? 

I’m quite demanding when it gets to the information I’m absorbing. I rarely go through a book and end up feeling like it was something really profound. So for me, I don’t have one book that really changed everything. It was more just learning bits and pieces here and there. Recently, I enjoyed reading “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer. The author shares his life story, how it unfolded once he started to surrender himself to synchronicities in life. You could say that he learned to work well with his Higher Self and it created a tremendous life for him. I would recommend it to everyone, as one of the most important takeaways from our interview, to start exploring this concept of aligning yourself with your Higher Self. 


Thank you for keeping it real, Mike! 




You can connect with Mike (and by all means, should) via FacebookInstagram, and his website Truth TheoryMake sure you check out his interview for ‘Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time’ - Vibrational Alignment - Living the law of attraction

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