FERRERO ROCHER With 4 Ingredients - Raw Vegan ūü§§ By Alessia Fantini

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I don't know why but my brain connects the Ferrero Rocher to Christmas. Maybe because my grandmother filled my pockets with these delicious chocolates every time I went to see her at Christmas time ... or maybe because, with the excuse of parties, I ate more than usual.

It doesn't matter anyway, because whatever the reason, this nostalgic abstinence from the timeless chocolate + hazelnut combination, made me want to recreate them. Vegan, of course. But since I wanted to exaggerate and make them vegans, it wasn't enough to surprise my grandmother, I also made them for raw foodists. Without refined sugars or other processed ingredients and with only 4 ingredients. And since they are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fats, we shouldn't worry if one is not enough to satisfy our sweet tooth!

One of the things that gives me the most satisfaction in the kitchen is to create desserts so good that they can be categorised as "junk food" but are actually healthy and nutritious. I think preparing food at home is important if we want to feel good and know exactly what we fill our bellies with. Because let's face it ... where else can we find some similar raw Ferrero Rocher vegan with a few ingredients (but good!) if not in our kitchen ?

Total time 10 minutes
Portions 15 Ferrero Rocher (aprox)




150 g of hazelnuts + about 15 hazelnuts for the filling

110 g of dates

30 g of raw cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of vanilla flavouring

1 pinch of salt


Chop 150 g of hazelnuts with the help of a blender. Set aside 2/3 tablespoons to cover the balls later;

Add the chopped cocoa to the hazelnuts, a pinch of salt, the aroma of vanilla and the dates and blend until all the ingredients are well mixed;

With your hands create little balls in which we will put a whole hazelnut, to recreate that surprise effect typical of Ferrero Rocher. Cover the balls with the chopped hazelnuts and voila ... they are ready to eat ūüėÄ



Probably at the end the hazelnut grain will be hard to cover the balls since the mixture will be too "solid". Don't worry, it happened to me too and covering the balls is just a question of aesthetics, they are equally good


(Original recipe here in Italian) 


You can (and should) connect with Alessia Fantini. Feel free to DM her on Instagram @_thevegansideofthemoon, she loves to know that her journey is impacting others in the world and you will make her day!



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